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      Nike Kobe

      Channel your inner Mamba with Nike Kobe. 

      Nike partnered with the iconic basketball legend Kobe Bryant to unveil a special sneaker collection, that epitomises his renowned mindset. With the tagline "That’s Mamba," the Nike Kobe line pays homage to Bryant's legendary nickname, "Black Mamba," while embodying his relentless pursuit of excellence.

      Reflecting on the essence of the Mamba mentality, Bryant once said, "To sum up what Mamba mentality is, it means to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself."

      Now, you can own a piece of this legacy with the Nike Kobe 8 Protro Halo. Launched posthumously, this sneaker serves as a tribute to the enduring spirit of the celebrated player. Sole AU understands your desire to honour Kobe's memory, and we're here to help you do just that.


      Rock Your Mambas

      As the low-top basketball shoes felt lightweight and allowed for quick movements on the court, these designs became the first preference of Kobe himself. Many Kobe shoes are designed with a low-top shape to provide similar benefits.

      Nike uses advanced cushioning technologies such as Lunarlon Foam, React foam or Zoom Air. To enhance responsiveness and secure the feet during jumps and landings, the techniques ensure your comfortable sporting experience. 

      Crafted from lightweight and breathable materials like Flyknit promotes airflow and maintains comfort during your intense game or workout. These designs include unique patterns and durable rubber materials to prevent slipping.

      Every Kobe shoe has unique designs and symbols that honour Kobe Bryant's career and what he loved. These details are like a special way to remember how much he influenced basketball.

      Nike Kobe from Sole AU

      Kobe Bryant was a brilliant star of basketball and a guard. In the same way, Sole AU is guarding your purchase with a 100% authentication guarantee. 

      Experience the passion for the legendary Kobe Bryant and his remarkable performance resonate through every step when you slip into your Nike Kobe sneakers. At Sole AU, we share your admiration for the star, and we're thrilled to deliver the essence of his legacy to fans worldwide.

      Nike x kobe

      Rest assured, your journey with Nike Kobe begins promptly. With shipping starting the very next business day after your purchase, you'll be on your way to embracing the spirit of greatness embodied by Bryant himself.

      Don't wait any longer; secure your desired Nike Kobe sneakers today before they're claimed by another admirer. Shop now and elevate your style with a touch of basketball history.