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      Nike Air Max 2017

      Nike has always tried to bring the best sneakers among the rest and succeeded in that, too. The Nike Air Max 2017 was a significant release in Nike's sneaker line, known for its comfort and style.

      Continuously innovating, the Air Max 2017 is recognised for its outstanding performance features. The sneaker satisfies sneaker enthusiasts searching for a distinctive style piece while meeting the needs of runners seeking comfort and resilience.


      Technical Innovation

      Max Air Cushioning  
      Featuring a full-length Max Air unit along the entire sole, the Air Max 2017 delivers responsive cushioning and excellent impact absorption with every stride. Whether hitting the pavement or exploring the city streets, you’ll feel the difference in comfort and support.

      Flywire Technology 
      Integrated Flywire cables work harmoniously with the laces, providing dynamic lockdown and support around the midfoot. This innovative technology adapts to your foot’s movement, offering a personalised fit and stability where you need it the most. 

      Flexibility and Traction 
      Designed with a durable rubber outsole and a classic Waffle pattern, the sneaker ensures exceptional traction and flexibility. Experience smooth transitions and reliable grip on various surfaces, enhancing your confidence and performance. 

      Design and Construction
      Engineered with a lightweight, breathable mesh upper, the Nike Air Max 2017 enhances airflow and stability during leisurely outings or runs. It’s built to envelop your foot for a comfortable, flexible fit, making it an excellent choice for serious runners and those looking for all-day comfort.

      Let’s Lace Up Your Nike Air Max 2017

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      What are the main features of the Nike Air Max 2017?
      The Nike Air Max 2017 features a full-length max Air unit for cushioning, flywire technology for a secure fit, and a durable rubber outsole with a waffle pattern for traction. The lightweight mesh upper enhances breathability and comfort. These features together offer exceptional support, flexibility, and style for both athletic and casual wear.

      What Is Flywire Technology and how does it work in the Air Max 2017?
      Flywire technology uses strong, lightweight cables that work with the laces for a secure and adaptable fit. It provides midfoot support and stability by tightening your foot’s movements, enhancing comfort and performance for both running and casual wear.

      How should I care for my Nike Air Max 2017 sneakers?
      To care for your Nike Air Max 2017, clean them with a damp cloth and mold soap, air dry them away from direct heat, and store them in a cool, dry place. Regular care will keep them looking new and maintain their performance.

      What makes the Nike Air Max 2017 different from previous Air Max models?
      The Nike Air Max 2017 introduces a full-length max Air Unit for superior cushioning and a sleek, modern design. It features Flywire technology for better midfoot support and a more breathable mesh upper compared to previous models.

      Can I Wear Nike Air Max 2017 sneakers for running?
      Yes, Nike Air Max 2017 sneakers are suitable for running. They feature Max Air Cushioning for shock absorption and Flywire Technology for a secure fit, providing the support and comfort needed for running. The durable outsole and breathable upper also make them a great choice for various running conditions. 

      How do I know if Nike Air Max 2017 sneakers are genuine?
      To ensure your Nike Air Max 2017 sneakers are genuine, buy from authorized retailers like Sole AU. we verify authenticity through rigorous checks, and each pair comes with official packaging and tags. Always check for quality craftsmanship and compare it with official Nike images. 

      What are the benefits of the Waffle pattern outsole on the Air Max 2017?
      The Waffle pattern outsole on the Nike Air Max 2017 offers excellent traction and flexibility. This classic design improves grip on various surfaces and ensures smooth transition during movement. It is ideal for everyday activities and light athletic use.