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      Nike SB Dunk Low - The Transition We Love

      Initially designed for basketball, the Nike SB Dunk Low became a legendary shoe line when launched in 2002. The silhouette was reimagined for skateboarding, and it quickly became the favourite of sneakers and sports lovers alike. 

      The sneakers are functional and stylish, available in various colours and prints, from plain contrasts to intricate art designs. Knowing your feelings for the sneaker, we at Sole AU have curated a beautiful Nike SB Dunk Low collection.


      Engineering Performance

      The Nike SB Dunk Low, equipped with Nike’s Grind and Gum rubber outsoles, provides exceptional traction and stability for skateboarding. The uppers are made from suede, leather, and woven textiles, ensuring durability and flexibility.

      Its standout feature is the extra-cushioned collar and tongue, which offer superior comfort and reduce joint stress. Ideal for all-day activities, the breathable toe boxes keep feet cool and comfortable, making the SB Dunk Low a perfect companion for skateboarding and casual days.

      Style and Skating Icons

      Nike SB shoes cater to all with high-top, mid-top, and low-top designs, offering a perfect fit for every skater and sneaker enthusiast. With various materials and hues, from classic monochrome to multi-coloured options, there’s a style to match every preference.

      The brand’s professional skateboarders include icons like Stefan Janoski, Sarah Meurle, Shane O’Neill, and Hayley Wilson, each with their signature Nike SB sneakers. Paul Rodriguez and Nyjah Huston lead the pack with their celebrated designs, highlighting Nike SB's dedication to skateboarding excellence and cultural diversity.

      Your Nike SB Dunk Low From Sole AU

      Rest assured of the authenticity of your Nike SB Dunk Low purchase with Sole AU. Our dedicated team verifies every item, ensuring you shop confidently without worries.

      Need a different size? Enjoy easy exchanges to find your perfect fit hassle-free. We offer worldwide shipping for Nike SB Dunk Low’s iconic styles wherever you are. Order today and receive your latest Nike SB Dunk Low gear swiftly.

      Moreover, at Sole AU, you’ll not only get sneakers but also a Nike SB hoodie. Join esteemed personalities who proudly wear Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers. Don’t miss out on owning a piece of skate fashion history with Sole AU!



      Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers are designed for which purpose? 
      Originally created for basketball, Nike SB Dunk Low was later repurposed for skateboarding. They deliver awesome performance in skateboarding but that does not mean they cannot be used for general purpose. 

      What materials are used in Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers?
      Nike SB Dunk Low is an exquisite pair of footwear that is crafted from suede, leather, or woven textile material. These materials make sure that the shoes are long-lasting, flexible, and can be comfortably worn.

      What Distinguishes Nike Dunks from Nike SB Dunks?
      Even more similar to the Nike Dunk, the Nike SB Dunk is a Nike skateboard shoe. It has a tongue padded to support the foot when skateboarding and at the same as in any other activity. Another dissimilarity of the Nike SB Dunk compared to the Nike Dunk is the Zoom Ait Unit which is located inside the sock lines.

      Are the Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers available in different colors and designs?
      Yes, the Nike SB Dunk Low collection at Sole AU offers a variety of colors and designs, from classic monochrome options to intricate art prints and multi-colored styles.

      What are the key features of Nike SB Dunk Low?
      Key features of the Nike SB Dunk Low include:
      Extra Cushioned Collar and Tongue: For superior comfort and joint support.
      Gring and Gum Rubber Outsoles: provide excellent traction and durability.
      Durable Materials: Include suede, leather, and woven textiles to ensure that the design is durable. 
      Breathable Toe Box: Keeps feet cool and comfortable during extended wear.

      Are Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers suitable for everyday wear?
      Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers are pretty universal. They provide comfort and fashion for both skateboarding and casual wear.

      What is the best way to style Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers?
      Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers can be styled in various ways depending on the look you are going for. 

      Here are some ideas:
      Casual Look: Pair them with a jean, a t-shirt, and a hoodie for a laid-back, everyday outfit.
      Skate Style: Combine them with skate shorts, a graphic tee, and a snapback for a classic skateboarding look. 
      Streetwear: Wear them with joggers, a stylish jacket, and some accessories for a trendy streetwear vibe.