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      Corteiz Clothing - The Humble Beginning

      The year was 2017, and in a bedroom in London, a brand was born with a small following of ardent fans. As the brand entered the year 2023, it was everywhere. 

      Named Corteiz, its logo is inspired by the iconic former prison island, Alcatraz. Clint, who established it, finds a lot of inspiration from footballers, past and present, and often shares their photos on his social media account.

      Every year, Corteiz releases its clothing in limited numbers, making it difficult for fans to get the Corteiz clothing they desire in Australia. So, for the brand's Aussies fans, Sole AU has created a dedicated collection. 

      Worldwide Recognition

      In Jan 2023, Corteiz partnered with Nike, unveiling three limited editions of Air Max 95 colourways at high-profile events in London, New York, and Paris.

      This marked a significant milestone for Corteiz tank tops, highlighting its rise in fashion despite a previous trademark dispute with Nike over the iconic ‘Cortez’ sneaker. 

      The brand’s success continued in September 2023 when it was nominated for the British Fashion Council's ‘New Establishment Menswear’ award. Notable figures like Off-White founder and Louis Vuitton artistic director Virgil Abloh and singer-songwriter Jorja Smith have embraced Corteiz's distinctive style. This further solidified its place in contemporary fashion and expanded its appeal to a diverse audience.

      Your Limited Edition’s Collection At Sole AU

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      corteiz club rtw football jersey blue

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      What is the story behind the Corteiz Brand?
      Corteiz was founded in 2017, in a bedroom by Clint, who drew inspiration from footballers and the iconic prison island Alcatraz for the logo. By 2023, Corteiz had gained global recognition, partnering with Nike and receiving a nomination for the British Fashion Council's New Establishment Meanswear award, cementing its place in contemporary fashion.

      Why is Corteiz so popular?
      Courteiz’s popularity comes from its unique design, limited edition drops, high-profile collaborations, and endorsements from celebrities. Its exclusive nature and innovative style attract fashion enthusiasts worldwide. 

      Can I find limited edition Corteiz items at Sole AU?
      Yes, Sole AU features an exclusive limited edition Corteiz’s edition, including rear releases and sought-after pieces. Check our website for the latest limited edition collections.

      What kind of clothing does Corteiz offer?
      Corteiz offers a variety of streetwear, including t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, and football jerseys. Each piece reflects the brand’s unique style and urban fashion sense. 

      What makes Corteiz football jerseys special?
      Corteiz football jerseys are special for their limited edition releases, high-quality materials, and unique design inspired by football culture. They represent both a passion for the sport and a stylish fashion statement. 

      What are the benefits of buying Corteiz clothing from Sole Au?
      By buying from Sole AU, you get access to authentic Corteiz clothing, exclusive limited editions, international shipping, and hassle-free exchanges. Plus, you support a trusted retailer with excellent customer service. 

      How do I return a Corteiz item if I’m not satisfied?
      To return a Corteiz item, follow our return policy instructions on our website. Item must be in original condition, and you should initiate the return process through our customer service team.