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      Geedup Clothing 

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      Established in 2010 by the visionary Jake Paco, Geedup stands as a symbol of perseverance, innovation, and unwavering commitment to streetwear culture. Born from modest origins in Sydney, Geedup's evolution reflects Paco's steadfast belief in the pursuit of excellence—a principle reflected in every garment and accessory we produce.

      Securing a piece from Geedup's exclusive collection is like winning the lottery of streetwear fashion. Their releases are so sought after and limited in quantity that you practically need a stroke of luck to snag one. With the apparel flying off the shelves in the blink of an eye, being quick on your feet is an absolute must. 

      Knowing the fans’ love for the clothing, Sole AU brings an entire Geedup collection, Geedup t-shirts, Geedup tracksuits, Geedup hoodies, and much more.  With us, you do not need to worry about leaving behind in your style game.

      Geedup Apparels

      Geedup places a strong emphasis on quality when creating their apparel, ensuring both durability and comfort for their customers. 

      Upgrade Your Look With Geedup Hoodies

      Their hoodies are crafted from thick and durable refined cotton, guaranteeing longevity and a cozy feel. Each hoodie is adorned with a woven or leather badge, strategically placed on the kangaroo pouch, while drawstrings add the distinctive Geedup flair to the garment.

      geedup clothing

      Geedup Shorts Makes The Heads Turn

      Geedup shorts are crafted from a blend of polyester, nylon, and brushed French terry fleece. This combination ensures a luxurious feel and exceptional comfort, perfect for any casual outing or relaxed day. With premium materials and thoughtful design, Geedup apparel not only looks stylish but also withstands the test of time with ease.

      The premium materials and thoughtful design Geedup use to create apparel not only look good but also stand the test of time.


      How Geedup Attracts and Collaborates with Icons 

      One of the well-known partnerships is between Geedup and George Kambosos. It represents the fighting spirit, whether in or out of the UFC ring. George's path from a determined Sydney kid to a top UFC fighter reflects the Geedup story: brave, persistent, and driven to succeed no matter what challenges come their way.

      Geedup's notable presence at New York Fashion Week, sharing the spotlight with icons like Fat Joe and Fivio Foreign, signals the presence of Australian street culture on a worldwide scale. Their collaborations transcend mere clothing lines, weaving together the realms of music, sports, and street culture to create a vibrant global narrative.

      Through meaningful partnerships with influential figures and talented artists such as Nemzzz, Hooligan Hefs, Headie One, and Abra Cadabra, Geedup goes beyond traditional fashion boundaries.

      Why Geedup From Sole AU?

      At Sole AU, we understand that Geedup isn't just a brand—it's a state of mind. So deeply ingrained that fans have proudly inked the brand's logo onto their skin. 

      Wide Collection to Choose from

      For those who are passionate about Geedup, we've put together a specially curated collection of Geedup t-shirts, Geedup tracksuits and even Geedup kids clothing. The collection unites the entire family in fashion, offering the softness and warmth of the clothing for all to enjoy together.

      Authentic Guarantee

      At Sole AU, authenticity is not just a promise – it's our commitment. Every item in our Geedup collection undergoes 100% authentication and professional verification before it's delivered to you. So, shop with confidence, knowing that you're receiving nothing but the finest quality products.

      Easy Exchanges 

      Experience effortless size exchanges with us. If your apparel doesn't fit quite right, we've got you covered. With our easy exchanges, step out in confidence with the perfect fit.

      Fast Delivery 

      Enjoy the fast delivery of your Geedup t-shirt and Geedup hoodies when you shop at SOLE AU! We prepare and dispatch your order swiftly, so you can rock your new Geedup Clothing in no time.



      What does Geedup represent?

      Geedup embodies determination and resilience, honoring those who never back down, even in the face of adversity. Born in West Sydney, Australia, the brand celebrates the spirit of those who strive for success against all odds, embracing the journey of go-getters and underdogs alike.

      How long has Geedup been synonymous with street and hip-hop culture?

      Since its inception in 2010, Geedup has been deeply rooted in street and Aussie drill rap culture. Over the years, it has become a key player in shaping urban fashion trends, leaving a lasting impact on the scene.

      Why is Geedup known for its drops selling out quickly?

      Geedup releases limited quantities of each drop, creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency among customers. The attractive design and patterns of the clothes make drops sell out consistently. 

      What is the message of Geedup Clothing? 

      Geedup has built a strong brand identity centered around resilience, creativity, and self-expression. Its messaging resonates with individuals who value authenticity and individuality, driving demand for its products.

      How is Geedup successful in influencing Australians?

      Geedup's connection to the street and Aussie drill rap culture contributes to its appeal. The brand's designs often reflect current trends and cultural influences, making them highly desirable to its target demographic.

      Where to buy Geedup Clothing in Australia?

      Get your desired Geedup Clothing in Australia at SOLE AU. When you explore our collection of Geedup Clothing, you’ll get the latest streetwear essentials and urban-inspired designs. Visit our website to Shop now and upgrade your style with Geedup's signature aesthetic.

      How to wash Geedup hoodies?

      To keep your Geedup hoodies looking fresh, start by turning them inside out to protect the vibrant designs. Wash them in cold water with a mild detergent to maintain their colors and prevent shrinkage. After washing, air dries them flat to ensure they keep their shape and avoid any damage that may occur in the dryer.

      How to style your Geedup hoodie?

      • With dark jeans and chinos, pair your hoodies by pairing with sneakers or loafers. 

      • Pair your comfortable joggers with sneakers with a Geedup hoodie, and complete the look with a cap.

      Is Geedup clothing comfortable and durable?

      Yes. The Geedup clothing is crafted from premium materials that promise comfort and longevity. The brand pledges lasting convenience with its blend of durability and softness, ensuring you stay cozy whenever you wear it.

      Why is Geedup Clothing so expensive? Why do Geedup Hoodies sell for above retail price?

      Geedup Clothing appears expensive due to factors such as the 

      • quality of materials used, 

      • craftsmanship, and 

      • brand reputation. 

      Hoodies sell above retail price due to high demand, limited availability, or exclusive collaborations, making them coveted items among enthusiasts and collectors. 

      Plus, factors like unique designs, special features, or limited edition releases can contribute to higher pricing.

      Can I find sizing charts for Geedup kids' clothing to ensure the perfect fit for my child?

      Yes. To let you have the best shopping experience Sole AU has created a sizing chart for the apparel you wish to buy. Use the size chart here to finetune your selected clothes and if the Geedup kids’ clothing is still a misfit, we offer an easy exchange. So, what is stopping you from making your dream purchase? 

      How does the Geedup Tracksuit Set prioritize both style and functionality for children's wear?

      The Geedup Tracksuit Set for children features elements like adjustable waistbands, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit that accommodates their growing bodies with ease. Crafted from breathable fabrics, this set keeps young wearers feeling cool and at ease, whether they're engaged in active play or sports. Plus, with its range of versatile styling options, the tracksuit set stays practical and functional for all its activities.

      Can I exchange my Geedup Clothing bought from Sole AU?

      Yes. you can exchange your purchased apparel from Sole AU. By using our returns portal, the exchange process can begin.


      How does GEEDUP fit?

      While generally being true to size, GEEDUP fits best when oversized. 

      We recommend going one size up from your normal size. E.g. if you're normally a Medium, we recommend going for Large. 

      GEEDUP Size Charts

      GEEDUP is unisex so the size charts below apply to Men, Women and Kids. 

      Please find below size charts in CM for T-Shirts, Hoodies, Shorts, TrackPants, Outerwear and Kid's Tracksuits

      All measurements below are in cm


      Chest  Length  Shoulder 
      XS 52.1 67.3 48.3
      S 54.6 69.2 50.8
      M 57.1 71.8 53.3
      L 59.7 73.7 55.9
      XL 62.2 75.6 58.4
      2XL 64.8 77.5 59.2
      3XL 67.3 79.4 62.9
      4XL 69.8 81.3 63.9

      Hoodies & Crewnecks

      Chest  Length  Shoulder 
      XS 53.3 66 48.9
      S 55.9 68.6 50.2
      M 58.4 71.1 51.4
      L 61 73.7 52.7
      XL 63.5 76.2 54
      2XL 66 78.7 55.2
      3XL 68.6 81.3 56.5
      4XL 71.1 83.8 58.4


      Track Pants

      Length  Waist
      XS 96.5 66
      S 98.4 71.1
      M 100 76.2
      L 102.2 81.3
      XL 104 86.4
      2XL 106 91.4
      3XL 108 96.5
      4XL 111.1 102



      Length  Waist  Hip 
      S 42.5 38.1 54.6
      M 43.8 40.6 57.1
      L 45.1 43.2 59.7
      XL 46.4 45.7 62.2
      2XL 47.6 48.3 64.8
      3XL 48.9 50.8 67.3
      4XL 50.2 53.3 69.8



      Chest  Length  Bottom  Sleeve
      XS 48.3 62.2 31.8 62.9
      S 50.8 64.8 34.3 64.1
      M 53.3 67.3 36.8 66
      L 55.9 69.8 39.4 67.9
      XL 58.4 72.4 41.9 69.8
      2XL 61 74.9 44.5 71.8
      3XL 63.5 77.5 47 73.7
      4XL 66 80 99.1 75.6



      Kids Hoodies

       Size Length (cm)  Width (cm)
      2 38.5 37
      4 43 40
      6 48 42
      8 51 44


      Kids Trackpants

       Size Length (cm)  Width (cm)
      2 50 22.5
      4 59 23.5
      6 68 25
      8 79 27


      Shop GEEDUP Collection at SOLE AU

      Choosing the right fit for Geedup apparel ensures both comfort and style. Known for its street-inspired designs and quality, Geedup appeals to fashion-conscious individuals seeking durable urban wear. Here’s a guide to finding the perfect fit:

      Geedup Sizing: True to Fit

      • Consistent Sizing: Generally true to size, allowing for a comfortable and flattering look by choosing your usual size.
      • Room for Preference: For a looser fit, especially in hoodies or tees, consider sizing up to enhance comfort without compromising style.

      Sizing Tips:

      • Know Your Preferences: Decide based on how you like your clothes to fit, whether it’s tighter or more relaxed and baggy.
      • Recommendation: Sizing up is often suggested as Geedup's pieces look great in a bigger, baggier style on both men and women.

      By selecting your size thoughtfully, you'll enjoy Geedup's distinctive urban aesthetic, comfort, and quality.

      From West Sydney Australia to the world, Geedup represents the go-getters and underdogs who don't take no for an answer.

      Since 2010, Geedup has been synonymous with street and hip-hop culture, and by putting community at the forefront, they are fuelled by a relentless determination to redefine what it means to be a successful brand. Geedup uses premium streetwear as the vehicle for this central ethos, with all of our drops gratefully selling out at times within minutes online. Geedup is for those who have faced closed doors and dead ends, only to break their way into the building and take over. More than just clothing, Geedup is a collective for those who have taken the road less traveled, or better yet, those who are carving their own path unapologetically - whether that be in music, the arts, sports, or anything in between. People not only purchase clothes and subscribe to the Geedup mentality, but many have since gotten the brand's logo permanently tattooed on them - a testament to the fiercely loyal community that has developed over the past decade.

      G’d up – “To be amazing at something and succeed extremely. Murk all others and destroy competition.

      Play for keeps, forever & always.