Fear of God: Essentials Size Guide & Fit for Hoodies, Crewnecks, Shorts, T-Shirts & More

About Essentials: Fear of God

Jerry Lorenzo established Fear of God Essentials in 2018 as a minimal alternative to Fear of God. The line’s design vocabulary is characterised by oversized hoodies, baggy sweatpants and a wide array of distressed denim, while the colour palette revolves around earthy tones such as 'Eggshell,' 'Wood' and 'Mocha.' Branding elements are generally restricted to the word “Essentials” and Lorenzo’s birth year, 1977.

Today, FoG Essentials is synonymous with NBA, NFL and soccer athletes. The apparel’s relaxed fit and elevated materiality are well-suited to long-haul trips, a perennial theme in any professional athlete’s career. Across the board, FoG Essentials is championed for its versatility. Pieces can be worn together as a uniform or mixed with other streetwear styles for a more dynamic look.

What sizes does FoG Essentials come in?

Men's Sizing

For men, FOG Essentials runs from size extra extra small (XXS) through size extra extra large (XXL). Tops are cut with a generous silhouette, meaning people who prefer a tighter fit should opt for a full size down.

Women's Sizing

For women, FOG Essentials runs from size extra extra small (XXS) through size extra extra large (XXL). It is recommended that people in between sizes size up for a looser fit.

Kids' Sizing

For kids, FOG Essentials runs from size extra extra small (XXS) through size extra extra large (XXL).

How do they fit?


FOG Essentials hoodies run large. For a more fitted look, it is recommended to select a full size down. Otherwise, go true-to-size for the intended boxy, oversized fit.

T-Shirts & Long Sleeves, Polo

FOG Essentials T-shirts are extremely loose fitting, crafted to hang off the body. A small fits like a medium, a medium fits like a large and a large fits like an extra large. For a more fitted style, it is recommended to go a full size down.


The ESSENTIALS Sweatpants/Joggers feature an oversized design, with legs that are slightly longer compared to typical sweatpants from other brands. They have a slimmer fit around the calves. For a more standard fit, consider going down a size.


The ESSENTIALS Shorts are designed with an oversized fit. Customers typically recommend choosing a size smaller than your usual Nike or Adidas shorts size for a more suitable fit. If you prefer a wider silhouette, select your normal size. 

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